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5 Top spiritual products and services

A spiritual practice or engaging in any sort of spiritual activity, has consistently been shown to contribute to better mental and emotional health outcomes. You can optimise your life with a deeper meaning and direction, regardless of your individual religious and philosophical beliefs.

The muse 2 meditation headband

Muse 2: the brain-sensing meditation headband

Meditation has been repeatedly shown to, not only allow for spiritual connection but also to enhance mood and even cognitive abilities such as memory and attention span. This innovative meditation gadget, provides immersive soundscapes that sense and respond to your state of mind by tracking your brain activity, heart and breathing rate. It allows you to quantifiably track and enhance your meditative practice – for those gadget-lovers that want to meditate more effectively.

Yoga download

The practice of yoga is an extremely popular isotonic form of exercise with all the corresponding benefits of increased muscle strength and flexibility, but also with mental, emotional and spiritual applications. This online yoga hub, allows you to access routines and yoga classes from anywhere you can access the internet. For those that want the flexibility of practising yoga from wherever they travel.

Liforme yoga mat

Liforme Original Yoga Mat

This premium yoga mat has overwhelmingly rave reviews from yoga enthusiasts. It boasts the best grip on the market, the ability to help prevent injuries and is even eco friendly. It has been meticulously designed by yogis with very demanding standards in terms of quality. For those that want to practice yoga in the most comfortable and safest way possible.

Crystal quartz bowl

ENERGYSOUND Crystal Quartz singing Bowl

The ancient practice of using sound to aid and enhance meditation is particularly atmospheric with the use of this beautiful crystal quartz bowl. The bowl itself is made of 99.99% quartz crystal so it serves the purpose of not only providing a beautiful resonant tone at 432hz, but also carries all the spiritual benefits associated with the Crystal element. For those that want to deepen their meditation through the use of healing sound.

Online spiritual course

Spiritual Courses

To explore, learn and deepen spiritual understanding, a spiritually related course, delivered digitally through online content is ideal. Whether you wish to enhance your approach to mindfulness and meditation or delve in to other topics, these online courses are imparted by spiritual teachers such as Marianne Williamson and Thich Nhat Hanh. For spiritual truth seekers.