Human Zenith

Human Zenith is the place for optimising your mind, body and soul. It’s all about self improvement in every way; through healing, strengthening, fitness and even happiness and spirituality. It is our mission to provide information, tools and services to help you be your best self – increasing physical, emotional and spiritual health and happiness. Human zenith is also about giving back and optimising our world through supporting and championing worthwhile charitable causes and ethical living.


Focus your mind and achieve happiness and fulfilment in your life, improve your state of mind and create the reality you want.

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Stay fit and healthy, achieve personal goals and become a strong and joyful person that inspires others by pushing the boundaries of the physical.

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Optimise your life and find deeper meaning, direction and improve your mental and emotional well-being.

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About us

Human Zenith is a partnership of technology enthusiasts, content creators and human optimisers that want to create a useful place for likeminded people. Founded by Alexander Aranda, an SEO, design and e-commerce expert who is also an ultra runner and a tech geek and Natalie Butron, an emotional well-being advocate with an obsession for human and tech interaction – it is an exciting project with a multitude of possibilities.