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5 Top Products for your Mind

Our top 5 innovative products and services that can positively impact your mental and emotional well-being. Be happy – be well.

Online therapist

Online Therapy

Taking the leap towards working on your emotional well-being through therapy can be a difficult step, but this online solution makes it easier and more accessible, all from the comfort of your browsing device. Whether you feel you could overcome relationship issues or want to feel better equipped to handle anxiety – this solution is for those who are serious about their mental well-being.

Baloo Soft 9kg Weighted Blanket

This high-quality weighted blanket provides a tool for a more comforting and restful sleep, particularly for those with anxiety or sleep issues. With overwhelmingly positive reviews from those who struggle to sleep calmly, this is worth trying for a soothing, less stressful nighttime experience.

Lumie Brazil – Large 10,000lux SAD Light Therapy Lamp

A lack of natural daylight negatively affects mood and well-being. This brilliant light-therapy lamp provides therapeutic and mood lifting light to boost mood and energy. Whether you work in an office with little natural daylight or you’re suffering from the glum effects of the darker winter months – this light-therapy lamp is an uplifting solution.

Donnerberg Neck and shoulder Massager

For the ultimate relaxation and stress-relief, this shiatsu therapy massager is a satisfying solution. It uses heat and vibration as well as its ergonomic design for optimal comfort, to provide a deeply relaxing massage experience. Whether you experience back pain from sedentary work or just feel the need to relax more often – this is for those that know the positive power of massage.

Care package box

KEDRIAN Care Package Box

A beautiful, thoughtful gift for someone going through a tough time, needing a little encouragement, or as an act of self-care for yourself. With comforting items such as a warm fleece blanket, fragrant lavender candle and a satin sleep mask – it is for those who want to express their care with more than just words.